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  •  - jacket - boy - Catalogue - Одягайко

  •  - jacket - boy - Catalogue - Одягайко

  •  - jacket - boy - Catalogue - Одягайко

  •  - jacket - boy - Catalogue - Одягайко

Ladies and Gentlemen,
private enterprise "Company" MiS "is one of the biggest Ukrainian manufacturers focused on production and trade high-quality children's clothing own brand "Odyahayko”.
Kids clothing under trademark “Odyahayko”
    The trademark “Odyahayko” has been popular and trusting in the market of Ukraine since many years.
The production offers:
    Outerwear: demi and winter jackets; coats; faux fur coats; pants and fleece based trousers; warm overalls (materials – polyester and synthetic winterizer).
    Knitted garments: sweaters; stockings; tunics; tracksuits (materials - cotton, lycra).
    Denim clothing: skirts; pants; dresses; trousers; jackets; coats; shorts; breeches (cotton).
    All models are made of high quality fabrics, different textures, decorated with embroidery and appliquй. Processing technology of products meets the technical requirements and Ukrainian standards.
    Comfort and functionality of the trademark "Odyahayko" will satisfy the most demanding customers.